Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IP) is everywhere and it must be understood as it is a key asset that has to be protected in today’s global based economy. It is a valuable asset and businesses, both large and small, must comprehend the potential in its IP and the importance of properly protecting its IP.

The attorneys at D’Arcy Vicknair offer years of experience is handling various types of IP matters, whether dealing with patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets. D’Arcy Vicknair handles all types of IP and provides advice on a variety of matters and offers help in protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights at all stages of innovation.

D’Arcy Vicknair offers a variety of IP services including:

IP acquisition

IP licensing

IP litigation and dispute resolution

Patent law

Patent prosecution

Copyright law

Copyright registration

Trademark law

Trademark prosecution/registration

Transfer agreements

Domain name disputes

Given the importance of IP in today’s digital economy, it is important that businesses and individuals take the steps necessary to protect their IP. The attorneys at D’Arcy Vicknair will work to meet clients’ IP goals and offer cost-effective, creative solutions based on specific needs.